Today, tools are an everyday part of our lives. Technology, in many ways, helps guide us as we navigate our daily routine. No longer do you solely rely on the calendar on your wall, and post-it notes are a thing of the past. These are very basic examples of life becoming easier. Why not apply this to the joy of riding a bicycle?

With Trek's Precision Fit, technology is our aid in the hands of our master fit technicians. During our thorough interview process, conducted in a comfortable and relaxed setting, we examine your past, present and future cycling experience. Taking into account that every person's physiology is different, we asses your flexibility and range of motion to help make your riding experience as comfortable and efficient as possible.

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Our Fit Packages:

Precision Fit $250 / Tri $300
  • Precision analysis of biomechanics and movements through high speed video
  • In depth interview 
  • Range of motion and flexibility assessment
  • Shoe sizing (weighted and unweighted) and cleat placement
  • Use of Purely Customs size cycle
  • Saddle selection and position (height, fore and aft)
  • Handlebar width and position
  • Triathlon aero pad height and reach
  • CompuTrainer analysis of right and left leg power distribution
  • Frame by frame analysis of pedal stroke 
  • Analysis of max extension, ankling, arm angle, reach, KOPS, body mass representation,torso angle and pelvic angle  
  • End bike measurements
  • Precision Fitting Report includes before and after photos  
Pro Fitting With Motion Capture: $200
This fitting includes everything from the Pro Fitting with the addition of the Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis. This upgrade enables us to record the rider's position and movement on the bike, which allows us to pinpoint exact angles and provide more insight into potential adjustments. Please allow about two hours. Includes a free 30-day checkup, scheduled separetely after a few bike rides. Report documenting pre- and post-fit measurements included. Videow report not included. Saddle Pressure Mapping not included; separate charges.
Pro Fit $150 / Tri $200
  • Custom Sizing (see below)
  • In depth interview 
  • Range of motion and flexibility assessment
  • Shoe sizing (weighted and unweighted) and cleat placement
  • Saddle selection and position (height, fore and aft)
  • Stem length and position
  • Handlebar width and position
  • Triathlon aero pad height and reach
  • End bike measurements 
Basic Fitting $75
The Basic Fitting includes everything from the Fit Sizing with these additional services: cleat placement check, stem assessment, inseam and shoulder width measurements, and an assessment of basic flexbility and range of motion. Please allow about 45 minutes. Report included.
Fit Sizing $50
  • Flexibility assessment 
  • Bike installed on a stationary trainer
  • Leg extension analysis with a goniometer
  • Knee over pedal spindle (KOPS) with plumb bob and laser
  • Appropriate back angle to achieve comfort
  • Arm reach is roughly 90 degree
  • Head is comfortable
  • Arms and hands are comfortable
Saddle Pressure Mapping
Identify the appropriate saddle style, size, and angle by utilizing a presure chart. 
  • $100 includes Basic Fitting: confirms saddle height KOPS, cleat position, torso angle, and shoulder angle. Please allow about one hour
  • $50 in conjunction with Pro, Motion Capture, or Motion Capture Plus Fittings. Please allow an additional 30 Minutes.

Trek's state of the art Precision Fit system takes the guess work out of bike fitting allowing us to provide quantifiable measurements and repeatable results. With our fit specialist's training and experience you can be confident that you are getting the best value and highest quality available. 

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