Freewheel Bike Mobile Repair Squad

With the launch of Freewheel Mobile, people from across the metro now have access to the same knowledgeable, highly trained bicycle mechanics that the cyclists of Minneapolis have come to depend on.  
Freewheel Mobile provides on-site repair, along with pickup and delivery of your bicycles so you no longer have to put off that maintenance because you don’t want to load your dirty bike in and out of your car.

Freewheel Mobile is also equipped to provide on-site services and bicycle demonstrations to corporate and community events. Please see our Corporate Services page for more details.

With the addition of Freewheel Mobile we've also added On-line Scheduling.  With this tool you can take your time and decide when our visit will fit perfectly into your schedule.  There is also the ability to make reservations for in-store appointments as well.  With in-store appointment scheduling you can ride your bike all the way up until it's time to be worked on instead of dropping it off and having your bike sit for days while it waits its turn in line.

To get started all you have to do is go to our Reservation Page and choose your site.


Freewheel Mobile = Your home, your office, your companies headquarters, wherever.

Freewheel West Bank = Our store at 1812 South 6th  St in Minneapolis.

Once you've decided where you want the work done then just pick your repair package.  Don't see a package that's right for you?  Our entire repair menu is available under the A la Carte option.  Simply pick A la Carte from the drop down and list the work you want done in the Special Instructions box at the end of the reservation process.
Next Pick a date & time  

Now your ready to enter your payment information and confirm your reservation.


If at any point along the way you have a question please give us a ring or drop us an email.

Phone:612-339-2235  & email: