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Freewheel Bike announces Midtown Bike Depot to open Spring 2008


            Whether they need an extra tube or an extra shot of espresso, Twin Cities bicyclists will soon have an oasis to enjoy as they ride the Midtown Greenway.   Freewheel Bike in conjunction with the Midtown Greenway Coalition, City of Minneapolis, and Allina Hospitals and Clinics will operate the Midtown Bike Depto along the trail’s second phase.

            The Depot is the fruit of a long conjunctive effort between Freewheel, the hospital, the city, and the Coalition to offer commuters and recreational riders a stop in the center of Minneapolis.

            “It’ll be a place to stop for on-the-spot repairs, bike rentals, even order a favorite drink from the barista,” said Kevin Ishaug, owner of Freewheel Bikes.

            The Midtown Bike Depot will also offer memberships and membership will have its privileges.    Members will get discounts on parts, repairs, accessories and valet parking.

            “The Depot will have a hundred or so parking spots for bicycles, and rather than stop and lock up your bike, you can hand it over and the staff will hang it up and watch it for you,” Ishaug said.   

            However, membership isn’t required, and all riders will be able to use the center.   Cyclists can meet for group rides, learn how to fix their bikes, and attend a spinning class.     Unlike traditional bike shops, the Depot will be open during peak commuting hours.      Riders will find an open door early in the morning on their way in to work and, in the evening, a shop ready to help them out as they head home.

            “The ride home can seem like a long haul,” Ishaug said, “so why not have a comfortable stop on the way?”

            The Midtown Bike Depot will be located next to the renovated Sears building now owned by Allina Hospitals and Clinics.     The station was made possible by a federal grant plus capital investment by Freewheel Bikes, Allina Hospitals, and the Midtown Greenway Coalition.


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