Bike shop life is one of those magical experiences that you don't find at most jobs. It's what keeps overqualified employees from leaving the industry in search of a "real job". Once you've experienced it you know what we are talking about. There's a sense of camaraderie that bonds co-workers for life. And it's a small community where everyone knows everyone. No where is this sense of belonging stronger than at Freewheel Bike. We don't know when it happened or who coined the term but our employees refer to their co-workers as "The Freewheel Family". 

We couldn't be more proud of The Freewheel Family. Our employees are what make Freewheel Bike the best bike shop in the universe! That's why we want to show them off to the world. Of course we might be a bit biased, but what loving parent isn't. 

Freewheel West Bank - 612.339.2219 Freewheel Eden Prairie -952.377.2230

Freewheel Roseville- 651.242.5032

  Freewheel Midtown Bike Center - 612.238.4447
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