Recommended Maintenance Intervals

We strongly recommend that you perform scheduled maintenance on your bike in the fall or winter so that you can enjoy uninterrupted riding during the summer. Performing preventative maintenance is often less expensive and less frustrating than waiting until something breaks.

The following is our recommended preventative maintenance schedule. Your maintenance needs will vary depending on the frequency and typ of riding you do. Always refer to manufacturer recommendations whenever possible.

Before Every Ride:                                                                      (To Be Performed By Owner)

- Examine lights and reflectors

-Spin wheels to check for wobbling

- Ensure that your wheels are properly installed and secured. - Compress and release suspension, adjust settings if necessary
- Check Brakes Make sure all accessories are properly installed, secure and functioning.
Inspect entire bike for cracks, damage, or loose fittings.* - Check tire pressure, inflate if needed**
*Pay close attention to the frame, fork, handlebars and stem. **Note: The recommended tire pressure can usually be found on the side of the tire. A loss of 10 - 20 psi a  week is normal.


After First 100 Miles Or First Month:                                           Mechanic___________________      Date___/___/___ 
- 100 Mile Check Up
Every 100 - 200 Miles Or Weekly:                                               Mechanic___________________       Date___/___/___ 
- Lubricate chain if using dry lubricant in dry conditions.* - Clean dirty chain
* Every other week or 400 miles if using wet lubricant
Every 400 - 600 Miles Or Every 3 - 6 Months:                              Mechanic___________________        Date___/___/___
- Measure chain and cassette for wear, replace if needed. - Inspect suspension for and rear shock
- Visually inspect chainrings for wear - Inspect suspension pivots of frame
- Check all threaded fasteners to make sure that they are  tight - Check for loose spokes, wobbling or cracked rims
- Lubricate external moving parts; derailleur pivots, cables, brake calipers  and    lever pivots,  clipless pedals
Every 1,200 - 1,800 Miles Or Every 1 - 2 Years                           Mechanic____________________        Date___/___/___
Choose the Golden Wrench Tune Up for bikes that are clean or the Golden Wrench Tune Up Plus for dirty bikes.

- Adjust bearings; headset, bottom bracket, hubs, pedals - Adjust gears
- Adjust brakes - Service suspension fork and rear shock
- Bleed hydraulic brakes - Replace cables
- True wheels -Thorough cleaning and inspection
Every 2,400 - 3,000 Miles Or Every 2 - 3 Years:                          Mechanic____________________        Date___/___/___
Choose the Golden Wrench Overhaul at the end of the season as storage prep or for winter riding prep.
- Thorough inspection - Measure and adjust spoke tension
- Clean drive-train - Install new bar tape or grips
- Overhaul bearings; headset bottom bracket, hubs, pedals if possible - Replace brake pads if more than 50% worn
- Replace worn out, damaged or dry rotted tires
Two Months Prior To Important Rides, Races Or Events:

Bring your bike in for service at least two months prior to any important ride or race. Between the spring rush and the need to special order parts in can occasionally take up to three weeks to complete a repair. Once you get your bike back you will want to have a chance to ride it for two weeks to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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