With the proliferation of the spoke tension meter, wheel building is no longer an art but a science. Now the real art is selecting the parts and lacing pattern that will make the best wheel for the individual rider. The wheel builders at Freewheel Bike know that a even a properly tensioned wheel is going to be problematic if it was poorly designed. That's why we take the time to perform a consultation before we make our recommendations. Your riding style is unique, your wheels should be too! 

Tyson Meyer, Service Manager At Eden Prairie

Karl Stoerzinger, MacGyver At Midtown 

Patrick Soulak, Purveyor Of Tough Love At Westbank

His reputation precedes him wherever he goes. World class coaches request him by name and pro athletes come to him for advice. If you see him out on the trail riding his Rumblefish say hi if you can catch him.

Riders come to Tyson to have him build light weight wheels that hold up to to the rigors of racing and daily training. His favorite wheels to build are DT Swiss 240s hubs with DT Revolution spokes, alloy nipples and Stan's ZTR Crest rims.

Tyson recommends this wheel for the XC racer that is under 180 lbs and rides with some finesse.



Karl is all about math, measurements, and precision. He used his computer programming skills to create some interactive utilities to help with the wheel design and building process.  First he created FreeSpoke, a powerful spoke length calculator and rim/hub database with some unprecedented features.  Then he created a spoke tension balancing utility inspired by Park Tool's TCC spreadsheet. 

 If you've got an unusual scenario that calls for nonstandard spacing, offset rims or hubs, or other weird design perimeters, he's probably already sketching something on a cocktail napkin.



Patrick is loved for the way he can deliver bad news with genuine empathy. If your classic bike has hit too many potholes he won't give up on it. He loves building new wheels for old bikes and they'll be better than the ones that it came with. 

Patrick knows how to build wheels for bikes that are subjected to the harsh city life of a Minneapolis commuter. He doens't mess around with alloy nipples and low spoke counts. 

Patrick builds lots of rim brake and coaster brake wheels as well as single speed rear wheels.

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