Golden Wrench Tune-Up Plus


Adjust Bearings; headset, both hubs, and bottom bracket to be as loose as possible without play.


Adjust Gears; adjust derailleur set screws and cable tesnion and/or adjust internally geared hubs. Install new cables and housing.


Adjust Brakes;  secure, inspect and lubricate levers. Install new cables and housing. Secure, inspect and adjust caliper. Adjust caliper pivots (when possible). Adjust pad alignment, centering and clearance. $5.00 discount on hydraulic brake bleed with this Tune-Up.


True Wheels;  minor lateral wheel true to .5mm tolerance.


Thorough Check Over and External Lubrication; detailed cleaning and polishing of frame and fork, check torque on all bolts, lubricate cables, lubricate brake lever pivots, inflate tires to maximum recommended pressure unless otherwise directed by customer. Make sure all accessories are installed correctly and working properly.


Remove, Clean, Lubricate and Reinstall Drivetrain; cassette/freewheel, crank set (both arms), both derailleurs, and chain. Remove, clean, lubricate threads and reinstall cartridge bottom bracket bearing. (Serviceable bottom bracket bearings are not removed).


Test ride; check for slipping under load, braking power, shift performance and unusual noises.

Second Person Quality Control Inspection; fill out checklist and provide to customer.

No Additional Labor Charge; to install a new drivetrain components, cables and/or housing, pedals, grips or bar tape, or to align the derailleur hanger.


Does Not Include; tire or tube install, brake pad install, spoke install, removal of seized parts or suspension service. Does not include accessory installation.


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