Feature Items

  • Drive-Train Overhaul

    DRIVE-TRAIN OVERHAUL CLASS= Students will learn how to completely remove, clean and re-install the entire drive-train including the crankset, chain, cassette or… [more]

  • Freewheel Bike Freewheel Gift Card
    $10.00 - $100.00

    It's always a perfect fit when you go with a Freewheel Bike Gift Card! While they can't throw their leg over it and ride it around town, it will make them happy all the… [more]

  • Foundry Valmont Rival 1 - 2016

    Foundry’s Valmont Rival 1 is a purebred 'cross racer—an all-conditions, all-terrain machine. The high-modulus, 40-ton carbon frame can't make a 60-minute lung-burner any… [more]

  • Trek Domane ALR 3 - 2017
    Product Rating
    4.0 stars
     (1 Review)

    - The smooth advantage - Rear IsoSpeed doubles compliance to conquer even the roughest roads - Lightweight aluminum frame delivers an ultra-efficient ride -… [more]

  • Foundry Chilkoot - 2017

    When Foundry decided to add a traditional road bike back into their lineup, they knew they wanted something special — the Chilkoot is just that. Constructed using… [more]

  • Freewheel Bike Fanatics Membership

    The Fanatics membership comes with a laundry list of rewards and discounts that will absolutely make your head spin. We charge a little up front but pay back to you in… [more]

  • Foundry Camrock Rival 22

    Foundry's Camrock is built for the dirt; it's also built for the grass, the pavement, the off-camber straights, the explosive starts, the hard braking, and the tight… [more]

  • Trek X-Caliber 9 - 2017
    $999.99 - $1,099.99
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (3 Reviews)

    Caution: X-Caliber will get you hooked. It packs all of Trek’s XC race hardtail experience into a light, fast bike that pairs the right wheel size with each frame size.… [more]

  • Trek Farley EX 9.8 - 2017

    Trek’s Farley EX 9.8 is for you all-season riders who are tired of two-wheeled limitations. Farley’s OCLV Mountain Carbon frame weighs next to nothing, yet serves up… [more]

  • Trek Silque S 5 Women's - 2017
    $1,999.99 - $2,099.99

    - IsoSpeed doubles compliance to conquer the roughest roads - WSD-specific frame is ride-tuned for smoothness and power - Trek OCLV Carbon frame lets you ride stronger,… [more]

  • Salsa Demo Warbird Carbon Force Brooks LE - 2017

    Warbird is designed to survive and thrive on anything from the often-hazardous B-roads making up much of the Midwest gravel scene to the fire roads that scale the… [more]


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